Little Star Glitter Tattoos are based in Buxton, Derbyshire.  We are professional glitter tattoo artists that design and manufacture our tattoos in-house.  Six years ago when we started doing glitter tattoos at parties we noticed a lack of well-drawn designs available on the market.  The designs were often distorted or drawn without details.  As a result we started producing our own designs which we sell at extremely competitive prices.  As members of our team use our glitter tattoos at parties we know what tattoos work well and produce the best results.   Our designs are easy to use and produce great looking glitter tattoos for children or adults; we believe our tattoos are the best in the UK!

We use the highest quality products which have been extensively product tested.    We are currently working to comply with the new EU Safety Assessment Regulations to complete a Product Information File (PIF) and upload our products onto the Notification Portal.  This involves extensive UK testing and ensures our product’s safety as a cosmetic product.  We are currently the only manufacturer in the UK to work towards compliance.

We provide everything you need to produce beautiful glitter tattoos, from single stencils to party tattoo kits to extra-large fundraising kits, we have something for you. We can also produce personalised stencils and wall stickers to your request. If you are new to glitter tattoos or unsure what to purchase then please feel free to contact us with any question – we would be happy to help! 

07578 467924 or 01298 77412