Why use us?

As we are face painters we know the designs that work well, all of our designs are tried, tested and approved by us. We love producing our unique and well-drawn designs and have a proven track record and great feedback on Ebay. Our glitter tattoos are extremely cost effective – just look at our competitors and compare their prices to ours!  Our aim is to provide great tattoos at great prices with a great service – so if you need any help or need to talk to us – please let us know.

We would love for you to become a regular customer, which is why we do special offers and customised sets for face painters, allowing you to save money and purchase popular stencils at amazing prices.

As we are face painters ourselves we are open from Monday-Thursday (Friday is our day off, we work weekends). The office is open from 10.30-4.00 if you need to call.

How will I know my order has been received?

An email will be sent confirming your order details and that we have received your order.

Once you have placed an order with Little Star we aim to have your items posted within in 36 hours of your funds clearing.  First class can take anything from 1-2 days upto five days to arrive!

Please bear in mind that weekends and UK Bank Holidays can mean that orders take longer to process and arrive. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding postage.

Are your products safe?

Our quality products are proven to be safe to use on skin.  We use the highest grade cosmetic glitter with skin safe pigments. The stencils use a gentle water based adhesive similar to that used in plasters.  The cosmetic body glue has been tested on skin and is safe to use. All of our products are covered by Product Liability Insurance for your peace of mind.

Whilst our products are safe to use, we do not recommend their use on infected, broken, or irritated skin, or where there is a known skin complaint such as eczema.  We do not recommend that our products are used on the face just on case the glitter goes near the eyes.  As children under three have very delicate skin we do not recommend the use of our products on them.  Our products are for ages three and over.

MSD sheets are available for all of our products.  

What other products do you have available?

We also sell glitter tattoo removal wipes and can produce self-adhesive vinyl signs up to A3 size.  We sell many different personalised products for weddings including signs, table placements, decorative crates and much more.  We sell stencils for face painting and for use on walls/ furniture.  We can also design and cut out a wall sticker for your child’s bedroom which can be various colours or ‘glow in the dark’, please email us for more information.

How can I pay?

We can accept payment via PayPal, cheque or postal order.

We must receive payment in full using pounds sterling for all items and for delivery before we ship the items to you. We will not be held responsible for any delay in posting the items to you if the payment has not cleared.  The price of the products on your invoice will remain fixed until the products are delivered, however if you decide to amend your order we may alter prices/ discounts if applicable.

If you fail to pay for items received we reserve the right to recover the value of these goods, postage plus administration costs and will suspend all further orders/ contracts of sale until we have done so. We retain ownership of all goods until full payment has been made, whereupon ownership and risk transfers to you.

Do you sell products outside of the UK?

Not at the moment - sorry!

Where can you apply the glitter tattoos?

You can apply the glitter tattoos to shoulders, arms, hands, legs, ankles but not on the face. This is to avoid getting glitter near the eyes.

How are the tattoos applied?

Glitter tattoos are easy to apply.  The glitter tattoos consist if a single use adhesive stencil which is placed on the skin. Cosmetic body glue is applied to the holes in the stencil and cosmetic glitter is then sprinkled or dabbed over the glue with a makeup brush. The stencil is removed and the excess glitter is brushed off. These tattoos are safe on the skin and have been fully product tested.

A few tips when applying:  

Always have adult supervision (if young children are applying the glitter stencils)

Store glitter tattoos out of direct sunlight,  keep glue at room temperature

Avoid working in draughty areas – your glitter will blow away!

Choose an area of skin with few hairs, no broken skin, cuts or eczema

Wipe the skin clean first using sterile wipe. Let it dry

Stick the stencil firmly to the skin, press it down with your fingers

Choose your colours before applying the glue

Do not apply too much body glue, paint it on from the outside inwards

Don’t let any glue spill onto clothing – it is difficult to get off

As soon as you have painted the glue, start adding the cosmetic glitter.  Sprinkle it on first, then press on further glitter using your fingers or a brush

Wait a few seconds for the stencil to dry

Brush away excess glitter with the dusting brush

Always clean your brushes straightaway to avoid glue drying on them

Keep the glue bottle firmly closed to prevent the glue from thickening and keep it at room temperature (if the glue is subject to freezing temperatures it will no longer work properly).

Use baby oil or other oil based lotion to remove the tattoo (soak it in the bath first)

Who can I paint?

You can paint anyone over the age of three years old (due to the fact that young children's skin is much more sensitive). Young children often prefer a small, sparkly glitter tattoo on their arm or hand rather than having their face painted. They can see how it is applied, ask questions, choose which design and colours they like and generally feel in control of the situation.

The glitter tattoo should not be applied to anyone who seems to be suffering from an infectious skin complaint. You should also not apply a glitter tattoo over eczema, open cuts or grazes.

Are the tattoos suitable for people with allergies?

The cosmetic body glue does not contain latex, so it should be ok for people with allergies to latex, however if you are concerned about a possible reaction to the body glue we would recommend that a patch test be done. This skin test can be taken on the elbow at least 30 minutes before the glitter tattoo is due to be applied. If there is any reaction we would recommend that a tattoo should not be applied. If the child is sensitive to plasters we would also recommend a patch test take place, as the adhesive on the stencil is very similar to that used on plasters. 

We would recommend that a glitter tattoo is not applied if there is a known allergy. It is very rare for any reaction to occur, however we would always recommend a patch test if you are unsure. We will not be held liable or responsible for any allergic reaction to the glitter tattoo.

What age groups are the tattoos suitable for? 

We find that children of all ages, including teens, all enjoy having glitter tattoos. Some adults also enjoy having glitter tattoos! Eight to ten year olds in particular enjoy them more than face painting as they see them as being 'more grown up'.  Our glitter tattoos are only suitable for ages three and over due to the very sensitive nature of younger children’s skin.

How long does the glitter tattoo last?

It depends on the person. If you have lots of long baths the glitter tattoo will only last a few days, if you shower and pat the tattoo dry it will last a lot longer - up to seven days. Also, if you have dry skin the tattoo will last a lot longer than if you have oily skin. Glitter tattoos can last up to two weeks if they are not subject to friction from clothes, scrubbing in the bath/ shower and from towels when drying after a bath/ shower. They will also wear off faster if moisturiser is used on the skin.

How do I remove the glitter tattoos? 

You can choose to remove the glitter tattoo by applying an oil based product such as baby oil, petroleum jelly or vegetable cooking oil, leaving it to soak for ten minutes and then rubbing away the tattoo. Glitter tattoos are much easier to remove after being soaked in a bath or a shower as the glue softens when wet, (it will re-harden when it gets dry). You could also use one of our removal wipes to remove the tattoo. Or you can choose to leave the tattoo and it will wear away naturally after a few days.

How difficult are the tattoos to apply?

With a little practice, glitter tattoos are relatively easy to apply. You can create some beautiful results when shading the glitter. 

Are the glitter tattoos just for girls?

No! Boys also love the glitter tattoos and we have lots of different boys’ designs: Batman, super heroes, pirates, space and aliens, dinosaurs, dragons, animals, tribal and Celtic tattoos etc. Both boys and girls love choosing a design then deciding which colours should be applied. If some boys would like a more 'real' looking tattoo you can apply a glitter tattoo in matt black glitter, making it look more grown up and like the real thing!

What themed stencils do you offer? 

Our themed stencils include: Under the sea, Animals, Ballerinas, Cats and dogs, Christmas, Dinosaurs, Dragons, Easter, Fairies, Farmyard, Flowers, Halloween, Heroes, Horses, Jungle, Love and Hearts, Mermaids, Pirates, Princesses, Safari animals, Seashore, Space and Aliens, St Patricks Day, Tribal, Wedding stencils and Word tattoos such as 'Princess', 'Diva', 'Rockstar' etc.

If we haven’t got a theme you are after, why not ask us to make some for you? For a small charge we can produce your own bespoke set of themed stencils, please contact us for prices.

Can you create bespoke tattoo designs for me?

If you want something that’s a little bit different or more personal then we can create a design for you!  We have created custom designs for many clients and can either work from an image or design you send or make it ourselves from scratch.  There are limits to what can be changed into a stencil – but if it can be done we will do it for you!  If you require custom  tattoo designs for a special party, occasion, wedding, company logo, charity event or other event just tell us what you require and the quantities you require and we will give you a price depending on the complexity of the design.  We can produce sets of themed glitter tattoo stencils on request.

If you are a glitter tattoo artist we can easily create a range of designs that will be uniquely yours for you to use at parties.  We will store these designs for you, so if you want to purchase more at a later date you can do.

We can add any text that you like (as long as it isn’t offensive!). We can change it into an appropriate font then convert it into a stencil. You can also send us an image which we can scan in and convert into a stencil (as long as it isn’t too complicated or too large). We can convert company logos into glitter tattoo stencils. We can also create named stencils and add images of your choice.

Once we set up the stencil we will send you a proof via email to approve.  When you are happy with the design we will cut the stencils.  Please be aware that all designs remain the property of Glitter Star unless you decide to purchase the sole rights to the design. We reserve the right to use the design in other projects.

Is it possible to order stencils in a different size?

As all of our stencils are stored electronically we can easily adapt the size to your needs.  Please contact us with the size required and we will give you a price for the stencil. 

Can I purchase party bags from you?

Yes we can produce glitter tattoo party bags which can even be personalised for an extra cost.  Please see our listings for more information.  These are really great value as the body glue will last to do around 35 tattoos, so you can always buy some extra stencils and glitter at a later date!

Is it possible to purchase images of the designs for display?

Yes we are currently designing A1 posters, A4 posters and stand up banners which will be on sale soon!

General Stuff!

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Promotional Items

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